Jewish Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Jewish Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

By: Emily Teck  |

Earth Day is April 22, 2018, and it is a celebration of recognizing the beauty of our planet while we highlight the importance of caring for it. Earth Day is one of those (seemingly rare?) occasions during which American customs, Jewish tradition, and an opportunity to authentically benefit our global community perfectly align. It is a perfect occasion to explore the Jewish values.

Learn about each of these values and access our curated collection of resources which include a wonderful choice of children's books, songs, videos, crafts, and more: 
Sh’mirat HaTeva- Protect Nature
L’dor Vador- Connect Generations
B’al Taschit- Do Not Destroy
Tikun Olam- Repair The World

You can also browse all of our resource tagged for their relevance to Earth day (use the grey filter bar to refine results): Earth Day Resources

Additional Resources to connect Judaism and Earth Day:
Why Earth Day Is a Jewish Holiday’s Jewish GreenWorship Tips
EarthDay.orgs’ Jewish Environmental Resources 
Judaism and Earth Day: Three Things to Remember
Jewish Book Council’s Jewish Earth Day Reading List
Three Jewish Values for Earth Day

We hope you celebrate the day and then continue to live, teach and explore these values as we work towards a healthier world.

Earth Day Sameach, Emily

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