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Projects and Crafts 
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Bible Belt Balabusta has re-invented an edible, educational activity: "If your project is not conducted in a kosher building, you needn’t pay so much attention....... More

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Bible Belt Balabusta has invented a new way to spin, learn and create: "I give you an edible dreidel that actually spins....... More

Afikomen Bag Craft
Projects & Crafts

A wonderful guide from our friends at kveller....... More

Bible Belt Balabusta offers a wealth of ideas to help teachers invite children to explore the Hebrew Alef-Bet through play....... More

Bible Belt Balabusta offers a convenient way to craft a menorah to take with you, wherever you go! "Nine hexnuts glued inside an empty Altoids tin = Travel Menorah....... More

Bible Belt Balabusta offers a simple way to teach children and their families the brachot for Rosh Hashanah's special snack: This project can help us: Spend Jewish time with our kid Teach the idea that blessings add meaning and gratitude Create an object d’art we get to pull out every year Exercise all those skills used in cutting, painting, printing, gluing and so forth Access instructions HERE....... More

In Parshat Balak, we meet the second (and final) talking animal in the Torah (the first being the snake in Eden)....... More

Parshat Bamidbar is the opening to a new book of the Torah called Bamidbar or Numbers....... More

Besamim (Spice) Projects
Projects & Crafts

The Bible Belt Balabusta offers several different options of hands on educational crafts and activities to explore the Besamim associated with Havdalah: "Besamim work is a rich, smelly, hands-on opportunity to create memorable links to Shabbat (and to being Jewish)....... More

In Parshat Beshalach (read on Shabbat Shira – the Shabbat of Song), Miriam, the sister of Moses, leads the women of Israel in song after crossing the Sea of Reeds....... More

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