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Rosenfeld Foundation Project
The Jack and Harriet Rosenfeld Foundation in Jewish Education at the University of Miami School of Education and Human Development was established nine years ago with a monetary gift and the mission to enhance Jewish education so that this generation of Jewish children, and generations to come, learn of the remarkable legacy of Judaism, its contributions to all aspects of life, and its moral and ethical principles that have shaped the world. For more information, please review The Rosenfeld Foundation's 2017 Overview.

The Imagine Project is a major 2018 initiative, in the planning stages to create a multi-faceted outreach program to unite people of different diverse backgrounds--cultural, religious, sexual, and gender orientation through authentic learning opportunities that will allow them to know one another. It's vision, to create a "culture of Kindness"-a world of understanding, acceptance, and appreciation for all of humanity. An additional blog series: Creating a Culture of Kindness is a first step in meeting this goal.

A dynamic, innovative project that strengthens the scope, reach and depth of Jewish education, this site supports educators as they create and update curricular materials and teaching strategies in a manner consistent with 21st century teaching and learning.

In 2017, the site launched Resource Roundup, blog series that aims to respond in real time to contemporary topics and collect and curate the most relevant resources that teachers seek, especially in response to current events.  

Jewish Learning Matter's 2017's Annual Report:

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