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The experience of immigration, starting life in a new country, brings many challenges....... More

From the ADL- Anti Defamation League: The Present is an animated short film that was released in 2014 and quickly went viral....... More

From Yad Vashem: "This lesson plan contains selected excerpts from the diaries of five children who lived and perished in the Holocaust....... More

In this lesson from Yad Vashem, this lesson plan provides an "avenue for teachers to use art in the classroom....... More

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From the ADL- Anti Defamation League: This lesson increases student awareness about the physical and symbolic barriers that create divides between immigrants and native born residents of the U....... More

From the ADL- Anti Defamation League: This lesson helps students to build empathy and understanding for the experiences of immigrants in the U....... More

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE HE How do our students integrate the significance ofYom Kippurand the Jewish ValueofT’Shuvahinto their own lives? How well,or to what degree, do theyconsider thosethingsfor whichtheywould like to ask forgiveness?These are questions parents, educators, and clergy often ask....... More

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Students will explore the value of diversity, individuality and gratitude while sharing the book A Bad Case of The Stripes through discussion, art, poetry and play.  More

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Children explore the importance of inclusion and respect through the A Birthday For Ben while learning sign language, discussion, and sensory play.  More

In this lesson, the students are empowered to explore charities related to their own interests and make an impact of their own....... More

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