The Building Bridges Project
The Building Bridges Project
Building Bridges

Rationale for Building Bridges:
Today, more than ever, we recognize that to eliminate prejudice and hate, we must start with the children. If children can be taught to hate and fear, they can be taught to love and respect. But to do this, as experts agree, we must find ways for children to have conversations with one another, conversations that allow them to share their hopes, fears, and perceptions as viewed through a lens shaped by their life experiences. Inspired by the words of Dr. King, Building Bridges provides our children with the opportunity to meet one another and celebrate their common humanity.
Lesson plans are not enough to change minds and hearts. It is vital that children have the opportunity to meet and better understand others who may not look as they look, pray as they pray, or see the world differently --through a lens shaped by their life experiences. Building Bridges promotes the vital interaction among diverse populations of students through the pairing of schools and classrooms, using digital video conference communication. The video chats are in the form of Grand Conversations based on a discussion of highly respected and acclaimed children’s literature. Through these conversations, as students share their questions, reflections, observations, and connections to characters and story, they also get to know one another-and themselves- better, and in the end, discover new friends.

To create an educational program to connect people of different religious and cultural backgrounds through authentic learning opportunities that will allow them to know one another and ultimately understand, respect, and celebrate one another.

Vision: To foster positive, meaningful relationships among members of diverse cultural and religious communities to promote communication, understanding and an appreciation for all humanity.