November: National Gratitude Month

Resource Roundup

November: National Gratitude Month

By: Emily Teck  |

"National Gratitude Month" was established in 2015, and provides another opportunity to highlight the Jewish value of Hakarat HaTov, "recognizing the good." What follows is a collection of our favorite and most popular resources to help you teach, learn, and explore this value which can significantly improve the lives of all who practice it. To review all the resources that our site can offer to teach and explore this value, please visit our Be Grateful Category Overview Page

Everything is Amazing! is an animated short from BimBam's awesome webseries Shaboom! for young children:

What's Jewish about Gratitude? is for grown-ups, also from BimBam, and is accompaniment to the video above.

Gratitude: Beginning and Ending Each Day With Thanks is a webinar for adults from the PJ Library that addresses ways to help make this value accessible to young children with examples from the books Boker Tov and Na'amah and the Ark at Night.

Gratitude: Beginning and Ending Each Day with Thanks from Harold Grinspoon Foundation on Vimeo.

Books with Teacher’s Guide:

Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes Teaches to Be Content and Grateful 

Cloudette explores Repair The World and Be Grateful 

The Story of Ferdinand The Bull Teaches To Be Content And Grateful

All of Me Explore Gratitude (from PJ Library)

Art + Music:
We Say Todah by Lisa Baydush  Music and Art for Early Childhood

I Give Thanks by Sheldon Lowe:

Grateful! by Miss Emily Music + Art for Elementary students


Blessings Calligrams Art Workshop 

Please heartily enjoy this month of gratitude, and let this collection be a very small part of a large, joyous library of resources that reminds you to celebrate the good! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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