Purim and Tzedakah

Creating a Culture of Kindness

Purim and Tzedakah

Purim: The Holiday that Keeps on Giving!
Many American Jews might not realize that in many Jewish communities, Purim is THE gift-giving holiday. It is a time to be generous and a time to be happy. It is also a time to tell the story in the Megillah, one that highlights bravery, loyalty, and Jewish victory. 

There are four commandments (mitzvot) related to this holiday
1. Hear the Purim story in the Megillah  (Book of Esther)
2. Give to those in need
3. Send (food) gifts to friends (known as Mishloach Manot)
4. Feast!

The joyful celebration of Purim can last the entire Hebrew month of Adar and it is a great time to highlight the Jewish value of giving generously as we participate in Tzedakah. This very popular Hebrew word is an important Jewish concept, and this holiday reminds us to expand our understanding beyond the often typical procedure of putting coins in a box or donating money. Sharing Mishloach Manot is an example of Tzedakah, and it is a joyful expression of it, no matter if you are giving or receiving that baskets.

BimBam offers a great quick explanation of the concept that can prepare us to discuss it with our children:

Another option is to watch this with your kiddos:

A few resources to guide you in our Tzedakah inspired celebration of Purim:

The Giving Tree explores Tzedakah and its Many Forms
A lesson plan inspired by a familiar story designed to help your students expand their understanding to Tzedakah.

Macaroni and Cheese box Graggers 
Another fun way to add to your celebration is by creating graggers! There are many ways to create graggers, but the following allows children to create theirs using boxes of macaroni and cheese. They can shake the boxes when they hear Haman’s name and afterwards have the opportunity to give tzedakah by donating the macaroni and cheese to local food banks and shelters!

Should I Share My Ice Cream? Teaches to be Generous
Beloved characters Elephant and Piggie demonstrate the importance of generosity in a silly story that you can use as a tool to inspire Tzedakah.
As always, please visit our complete collection of Purim resources as you plan your teaching and celebration.

Thank and Chag Sameach!

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