Singing for Shavuot

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Singing for Shavuot

During holidays like Passover, we have a rich bounty of songs from which to choose. But, as we look forward towards Shavuot, we find significantly fewer choices. Don't worry, there are still plenty of great options waiting to be discovered! We hope you will add the songs below to your repertoire, encouraging students to listen, sing, move to the rhythm, and reflect on the "big ideas" connected with Shavout:

Story Set-Up: "Looking For A Mountain" by Karen Daniel

This tune helps students connect what they (hopefully) just learned about Passover to continue the narrative of the story. 

Contemporary Choice: "Two Tablets" by Elana Jagoda

The simple refrain of this song can allow a leader to “tell the story” and then children can join together on the “Oh no…” part. In this way, they can immediately participate instead of taking time to “learn” the song.

Text Study: Ruthie’s Song" by Jay Rapoport:

Many communities read the Book of Ruth as we celebrate this holiday. This tune will inspire even very young students to make personal connections to the characters and the story.

Musical Movie: "Shout Em’ Out: Old School Rules" by Naomi Less

Remind students that there are many ways to enjoy and learn through music- sing, listen, watch- even animate! You can choose to show the video, teach the words, or ask your kids to create their own illustrations for the lyrics to a song and create a presentation to share.

Learning a Bracha!: "Sweet As Honey" by Dan Nichols

The song may be familiar to your community as a way to recite the blessing for studying Torah. The chorus reminds us of the reasons why we eat sweets and dairy on Shavout. 

Fingerplay Tune: 10 Rules- A Counting Song by Miss Emily

The youngest members of the tribe can enjoy learning the story- or simply practicing fine motor skills and exploring numbers with this simple tune.

Simple translation: God Gave Us The 10 Commandments

This recording models ways to invite children to participate in the song through movement.

Looking for more tunes? Check out out Spotify Playlist.

And of course, visit our Shavout resource page for lesson plans, books, projects and more...
Chag Sameach!

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