The Littlest Pair Explores Kindness To Animals
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The Littlest Pair Explores Kindness To Animals

Book Title: The Littlest Pair

Author: Sylvia A. Rouss

Illustrator: Holly Hannon

Book Summary:

None of the animals want the termites to come aboard Noah’s Ark. After all, termites eat arks. But when the rain starts pouring and the animals start slipping helter skelter across the Ark, the termites use their wood munching abilities to save the day. The entire book is done in rhyme.

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This resource was created by the PJ Library at the PJ Library Educator s Center. Created for Family programs, this resource and its activities can be utilized, possibly with modifications, in a variety of children s learning environments.

Synopsis from the resource: "A big flood is coming, and Noah has instructed two of each animal to board his ark. However, there isn’t one animal happy to see a pair of termites come aboard their temporary floating home. Things aboard the ark quickly become slippery and uncomfortable, but the little termites have a solution to their problem! All of the other creatures learn the importance of respect and watching our words in this heartwarming tale"

Be Inspired:The ideas included are offered as starting points as you and your students explore, discover and live the lessons. Be sure to elicit and encourage student and parent participation, consistently reinforcing the value being addressed. Allow lessons to authentically develop and change based on engagement and interests.

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Kids Making a Difference for Animals (ASPCA Kids) Nancy Furstinger and Sheryl L. Pipe This wonderful book relates the stories of kids who are making a difference in the lives of animals every day. They’re rescuing homeless pets, raising money for shelters and charities, making jewelry, and holding bake sales to support animal-friendly causes. They’re also volunteering their time to educate others, and so much more.
Noah's Bed Lis and Jim CoplestoneLis and Jim CoplestoneIt’s bedtime on the Ark. The boat is finished, the animals are on board, and everyone is ready for a good night’s rest. But how is a little boy to sleep in a huge boat that rocks and sways as the floodwaters rise? Soon, rolling thunder and crashing lightning force Eber out of his warm bed, down the dark hall, and into Grandpa Noah and Grandma Nora’s bed. As they all snuggle down, Grandma and Grandpa realize Eber’s hair is awfully tickly, and aren’t his toenails a little . . . long? Could it be that Eber isn’t the only one afraid of the storm? Enchanting, colorful illustrations enhance this lively retelling of the Ark tale.
Noah's Bark* Stephen KrenskeRogé Noah’s trying to build an ark, but with the snakes quacking, the beavers crowing, and the pigs howling, he can’t even hear himself think, much less make a giant boat. Pretty soon Noah’s barking in annoyance—and then it starts to rain! Discover how each animal came to make the noise it does today in this whimsical retelling of the beloved Noah’s ark story.
Old MacNoah Had An Ark* Sally Lloyd-JonesJill NewtonA riotous romp through Noah’s Ark (to the tune of Old MacDonald)
After building his ark and loading it with animals, Old MacNoah must deal with mealtimes and their aftermath on the high seas!
Move over Old MacDonald! The rain is falling fast on Noah, and the animals refuse to stay quiet.
With an Oink! Oink! here and a Quack! Quack! there, everyone piles into Old MacNoah’s ark to escape the rising water.
Old Noah's Elephant Warren LudwigWarren LudwigAn updated, illustrated version of an Israeli folk tale. When the misbehavior of the two elephants aboard Noah's ark threatens the survival of the other animals, God tells Noah that the solution is to tickle the hyena.

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