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Music and Lyrics by Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman, www....... More

In this week's video, Rabbi Fohrman picks up on last years Tazria and Metzora videos, which connected the metzora purification process with the korban pesach....... More

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Through a fictional dialogue between Mikey, an angel-in-training, and the chief angel, Gabe, the author gives readers honest yet hopeful answers to questions about injustice and evil. Inspired by the attacks of 9/11. More

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GRADE LEVEL: 1-4 The true story of two young boys, from seemingly very different background, who rise above their own personal suffering to become great civil rights leaders....... More

This guide for connection and discussion is provided through a collaborative relationship with www....... More

Two young men perform on "Britain's Got Talent" and show that they have not only musical talent, but poetic insight, compassionate hearts, and incredible support, as well....... More

Powerful lyrics, imagery and beautiful music combine to inspire viewers to "do justice, be righteous, save a life, they need us, love mercy, be the light....... More

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After God tells Moses about the last plague, He makes a series of odd statements before actually performing the plague....... More

Charlottesville and Beyond
Games & Activities

This information is created by and presented with permission from ADL-Anti Defamation League....... More

At Camp Coleman Family Camp, service leaders Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser and Emily Aronoff planned two parallel activities for the community members during a "semon" time, to study the value addressed in Parshat Shoftim, Justice....... More

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