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Bible Belt Balabusta has re-invented an edible, educational activity: "If your project is not conducted in a kosher building, you needn’t pay so much attention....... More

In the "green conscious" world we live in today, parents realize the importance of teaching the lessons of green living early on....... More

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Categories:  Be Inclusive 

Ben doesn’t want a birthday party....... More

Categories:  Holocaust 
grades:  High School (9-12) 

The situation in the Netherlands during World War II is explored in these graphic novels....... More

An activity from Facing History and Ourselves: "What does it mean to be a third-generation descendant of Holocaust survivors? By viewing the short film “B-2247” and answering the following connections questions, students will consider this and other questions regarding obligation, memory, and family that are raised by this story of a granddaughter’s relationship with her family’s past....... More

The famous tale from the Midrash of how our forefather Avram, at the early age of three, discovered the existence of the one, true G-d....... More

Categories:  Genesis-B’reishit , Noach 
Tags:  Noahs Ark 

God tells Noah to build an ark and gather his family and two each of the animals of the world to prepare for a destructive flood More

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Read A Sack Full of Feathers, by Debby Waldman and illustrated by Cindy Revell, or share the story “The Gossiper” (below) to help address the value to use nice words—lashon harah....... More

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This resource was created by the PJ Library at the PJ Library Educator s Center....... More

Harry Weiss—later known as Harry Houdini—is enthralled when the circus comes to his Wisconsin town....... More

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