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Beth Schafer 
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Lyrics and Music by Beth Schafer© 2001 Lyrics: A miracle happened today....... More

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Music & Lyrics-Native American Hebrew lyrics by Shimon Swisa & Gil Ron Shama adapted by Beth Schafer Adama v’shamayim ruach yam ra’ash mayim Ani margish zot b’gufi, b’ruchi, b’nishmati Way-o, way-o....... More

© 2004 Words & Music by Beth A....... More

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Note from the songwriter: The more I pray for peace, the more I believe we cannot do it alone....... More

Lyrics and Music by Beth Schafer & Larry Hoppen © 2006 Lyrics: We all have two eyes, do we see the same things? We all have two ears, do we hear the songs the other sings? Sit down at the table and share a meal with me Let us raise a cup to how things will be CHORUS Build that bridge with elbow grease and the words we pray Build that bridge....... More

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Lyrics and Music by Beth Schafer© 2005 Lyrics: Delivered on shores still with sand in our shoes Homeward bound Survivors in spirit with nothing to lose We have found a land, a life CHORUS Children of Freedom sing That freedom must always ring Children of Freedom rise Repairing the world through freedom's eyes Living the hope of American dreams We rejoice We honor the struggle that's our history Hear our voice, our prayer our song CHORUS We look to the desert, to the roots of our tree We look back on Philly and the branches we see Are fruited with olives, but yield apple pie A harvest of peace set on tables of pride CHORUS....... More

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Lyrics and Music by Beth Schafer© 2006 Lyrics: It's a rough world full of long, fast days It's a tough world keeping with the latest craze Every morning brings another mountain to climb It's a hard life remembering all you've been taught It's a scarred life learning from the battles you've fought Every evening can be a restless time CHORUS You don't need to think that you're better You need to believe that you're good enough And you don't need to know all the answers Just ask the questions and that's good enough for me Well it's a fine time for us to try and make our way The rules change fast and almost every day We can count on plans we made will likely change In the long run you've got to stick to what you know Give your love for free and go with the flow Despite bad weather you've got to play your best game CHORUS Don't be afraid don't even worry for your sanity's sake You are the only judge and jury ....... More

Text: Pirkei Avot, Rabbi Hillel Music and English Lyrics: Beth Schafer © 2008 If I don’t stand up for myself then who will stand for me? If I don’t know me? Who’s gonna show me? And if I don’t stand up for another, who is my brother, How can I hold my head up high? Chorus Im ein ani li mi li uchsheani l’atsmi ma ani V’im lo achshav eimatai, im lo achshav eimatai And you know I’ve got your back if trouble should find you I will remind you, that I am behind you Could you please watch out for me if I go astray now....... More

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