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Jewish books depicting non-traditional families 
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When her parents get divorced, a little girl is worried about many things, including how she will celebrate the Jewish holidays in two different households....... More

Abuelita’s Secret Matzahs tells the fascinating and little-known story of the Cryptojews, while illustrating the universal importance of faith for people of all religious denominations....... More

An elderly black grandmother passes on the story of the family’s Jewish origins to her young granddaughter, Carol Olivia....... More

"Always remember you are the son of two proud nations,” Elan’s parents tell him when he turns 13....... More

When Isobel is invited to Aunt Luisa s for Hanukkah, she s not sure what to expect....... More

In ninety-four words and thirty-plus photos, I Love Jewish Faces turns the image of the Yiddishe punim (Jewish face) on its head....... More

While trying to decide what to take for his school's International Day, Pablo helps his Mexican mother and Jewish father at their bakery and discovers a food that represents both his parents' backgrounds. More

This story features compelling characters that address the issues of autism spectrum disorder and transgender identity....... More

Rebecca's Journey Home opens as two young brothers eagerly await their mom's return from Vietnam with their newly adopted baby sister Rebecca....... More

Nine-year-old Joey Sexton, living in the Bronx in 1947, is orphaned after the death of his mother....... More

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