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Shalom Sesame 
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Shalom Sesame present a simply, slightly silly rendition of the Story of Abraham and Sarah receiving three visitors found in Genesis 18....... More

This video animates the days of creation....... More

A young Israeli girl explains how she gives Tzedakah through money, food and kindness with her school and home community....... More

Young children can learn about the legacies of great Rabbis Hillel and Shammai, and discover a Jewish origin to a variation of "The Golden Rule" originating in a story about how Hillel taught the whole Torah to a man while standing on one foot....... More

This silly spoof shares important rituals and symbols and can be 'edu-tainment' for young children and their grown-ups! 


Grover learns that a Mitzvah is a rule from the Torah that teaches us how to behave and be good to one another, and that one of them is to visit a person who isn't feeling well....... More

Categories:  Chanukkah 
Tags:  Shalom Sesame 

Veronica Monica, an animated reporter, gives an eyewitness account of the story of Chanukah in a kid-friendly format that highlight the miracle of the oil and Jewish pride....... More

A simple, kid-friendly retelling of the story of Moses going up Mt. Sinai (twice).


Categories:  Purim 
Tags:  Shalom Sesame 

A simple animated variation of The Book of Esther retold in kid-friendly language.


The story of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, who is responsible for the fascinating (short) history of modern Hebrew.


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