Jewish Education Webinars
Jewish Education Webinars
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(listed alphabetically):

Cakes and Miracles- Celebrating Purim and the Gifts of Differences (from PJ Library) 

Caring for Animals-Nurturing Respect for All Kinds of Critters (from PJ Library) 

Chanukah - Midrash and Modern Stories(URJ)

Creative Havdalah Programming (from PJ Library) 

Disabilities, Inclusion and Jewish Education (JTS Lecture)

Exploring Courage, Ometz Lev, from PJ Library

Gratitude, Beginning and Ending Each Day with Thanks with Children 0-3 from PJ Library 

Meanings and Melodies of Hanukkah (URJ)

Jewish Education- Is There an App For That? (from Torah Aura)

Jews and the Civil Rights Movement (URJ) 

Jewish Perspectives on Food Justice (URJ)

Sharing Your Harvest with Others - Sukkot and Social Justice (URJ)

Social Justice and The High Holy Days (URJ) 

Sukkot Family Programming (from PJ Library) 

Talking Values with Children 0-3 (from PJ Library) 
Talking Values with Pre-School and Kindergarten, Ages 3-5 (from PJ Library) 

The Sounds and Tastes of the New Year (URJ)

Purim and Esther's Fast - Her Act of Self-Empowerment (URJ)

What is Experiential Jewish Education? (From Torah Aura)