Program Objectives
Program Objectives
Building Bridges

Through participation in Building Bridges students will:

  • Compare and contrast similarities and differences between their own faith community and other faith communities. Explain the importance of respecting these differences as they assess their own cultural competency and ability to understand, communicate, and effectively interact with people across cultures. (Analyze, Evaluate ) 
  • Critique one of the choices made by a character in book read and either defend the choice or describe an alternative that reflect students’ personal/religious values. (Remember, Understand, Evaluate) 
  • Nominate an individual you would like to honor who, by example, has made a positive difference in the lives of others. Craft a brief explanation to support your nomination. Individuals can be selected from literature read, history learned, or from school/community happenings. ( Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, Create) nominate an individual, either from the literature read, or from history learned, or from their own community, to select and honor someone who reflects the belief that each individual has the potential to effect positive change (remember, apply, evaluate)