Submission, Review and Publication Process
Submission, Review and Publication Process
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The protocol for review of materials submitted to the site in order for their publication is as follows:

1) Contributor submits their resource bank material of relevant, categorized resources for students in early childhood-middle school learning environments, including their agreement to terms of the licensing agreement. 

2) Materials are reviewed by three members of's Advisory Committee to determine each material’s eligibility for publication. 

-Edits may be made to the material (except in the case of song lyrics,which will never be modified)in order to improve the material or maintain consistency of language and/or format of materials on the site.
-The materials must meet the criteria for excellence that can be found on each type of materials’ respective submission page. 

-If the three members of the committee agree, the decision is final. If the opinions of the initial committee members are not unanimous, two additional committee members will review the material, and then the majority opinion of the total of five committee members will reign. 

3) If approved for publication, the material will be categorized, published and shared with the JLM community. If the material is not approved, the contributor will have the opportunity to revise their material, and be advised by a member of the review committee if they choose.