David and Goliath by Noam Katz
David and Goliath by Noam Katz

English words & music: Noam Katz, www.noamkatz.com © 2005
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Adapted from 1 Samuel 17

I often wonder what became
Of a young boy David and his claim to fame (a giant ‘Whats-his-name’)
Heroes come about a dozen a dime
But this here’s the story of the greatest hero of all time
In the valley of Elah we set the scene
King Saul and his army against the Philistines
When out of the darkness from the enemy camp
Came the undisputed Canaan heavyweight champ
Footsteps of thunder, nine feet tall
With his bronze dagger and swagger, he put fear into the hearts of all
He shouted, “Who among you dares to be brave?
If can kill your best man, Saul, then all of your people will be my slaves!”
Meanwhile, far away in Bethlehem
A young lad tended sheep and played his harp for them
‘Til his dad said, “Sonny boy, go to your brothers at war
All of Israel’s losing hope, maybe you can bring some more!”

Live in peace, rest in peace
David and Goliath

A father’s blunder, a glaring one
He can’t know the danger that waits just ‘round the corner
For his youngest son
Even Saul shrugged his shoulders,
Said, “You’re not even a man,
But if you slay this giant, I’ll give you my daughter’s hand.”
David said, “I’ve killed lions and bears while protecting my flock,
If you give me the chance, I’m gonna shoot the rock
With five stones in my pocket, I can take that Philistine
I’m a lean, I’m a mean, giant-killing killing machine!”

Live in peace, rest in peace
David and Goliath

Tomorrow ain’t exactly gonna be a walk in the park
We need some good luck, David why don’t you play us some harp…
David crept under that lumbering clod
He said, “I thought I’d tell you, I come against you in the name of God!”
“Hey, hey, you’re gonna die today!”
“Well, if that is my fate, I guess it’s too late for me to run away.”
Then he heard all of Israel say:
Don’t back down, you’re the hope, you gotta face up to what tomorrow may bring
Time to take your best shot with all the strength you’ve got
And then, who knows, maybe someday you’ll be king
Well, the harder they fall, the cooler the breeze
Heavyweight knocked out for the countdown
David, I think it’s time you earned your victory!

Live in peace, rest in peace
David and Goliath