Hole-Y Body (Asher Yatsar) by Miss Emily
Hole-Y Body (Asher Yatsar) by Miss Emily

Not from the songwriter:
Asher Yatsar is one the BEST blessings for our youngest Jews- but parents very often report that they’ve never heard of it. Here is another ‘Miss Emily’ song inspired by the tune, you can see the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFm48ZnkpDE 
but this is better for our younger learners, because the song can prompt engagement in many ways. This is a great song to share when Potty training is a hot topic, elevate that process by teaching them Bathroom Bracha!

Sing, identify body parts, make the movements the lyrics suggest, or ask the children to demonstrate their body’s favorite abilities (and brace yourself- you might find the things that the children report seem bizarre or even inappropriate- but consider the child’s ability, perspective, and enthusiasm- what might be inappropriate for a 5 year old is an honest expression of awe in a 3 year old...) 

For babies, this song can be a way to introduce and practice infant massage: caregivers will lay baby in front of them, if that is comfortable for both of them, and gently caress each part as we sing the tune. A great time to encourage eye contact.

Toddlers may want identify their own parts, or continue to enjoy the caress of their caregiver. 

Teaching Tips:
Switch the language of the words- use Hebrew body part names (or spanish, or any other language your community might share…)
When modeling this song- you can point to your own parts- but if you are facilitating a session with children and their caregivers, you can use a doll or stuffed toy to model how the activity can work with a baby. 

PS: This tune can be helpful for things like sunscreen application- naming each part while singing and applying creams or whatever else may be necessary can encourage the child’s cooperation and direct attention towards connection instead of squirming. 

G Am D G

G Am
Our ears hear, mouth makes sound 
D                      G
Our hands clap, can spin around

Our nose can smell, Our eyes can see
I thank God for making you and me

Our shoulders shrug,  elbows bend
Our fingers wave, help to make friends
Our neck can stretch when we nod
We love our body, thank you God

Our hips can sway, tummy can tickle
Our legs can stretch, toes can wiggle
Each day discover what our body can do
I thank God for making me and you

The body is great, with many parts
That work together ‘cuz the body is smart
Water, food and air go out and in
With the holes we use, then we start again

asher yatzar et ha'adam b’chochmah
uvara vo n’kavim n’kavim khalulim khalulim.

Learn more about Miss Emily and all the ways she works to increase and improve the ways the Jewish community engages and educates families with young children: www.MissEmilyCelebrates.com



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