Shine a New Light by Sam Glaser
Shine a New Light by Sam Glaser
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Shine a New Light In memory of Linus Weiss, zt'l
Composed by Sam Glaser ©2003 Glaser Musicworks

Inspiration Text:
May You shine a new light on Zion and may we all speedliy merit its light. –Liturgy

I need a hero, I need a guide
Who will I turn to when I need to cry
You're with us forever
As big as the sky
As bright as the first light of creation
Your presence lets me fly
How on earth can we say goodbye

Picture you walking right by my side
Dream of you dancing
With angels in flight
You are my hero and I'm not alone
As close as the next breath in my body
The image in my mind
Can I hope as dear a friend to find

Shine a new light, shine a new light
Shine a new light across the sky
So tomorrow will dawn

As bright as a new star in the twilight
The shimmer in my eye
Suddenly I know that you're alright

Or chadash al tziyon ta'ir
V'nizkeh chulanu m'heyra l'oro


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