Si Yo Era el Sielo
Si Yo Era el Sielo
Categories Protect Nature 
Tags: Sarah Aroeste , Ladino 

Music and Lyrics by Sarah Aroeste
Notes from the songwriter:
This song points out different elements in nature, from the stars in the sky to the ocean below. Ask your child what nature item he or she would like to be for a day and why. Let them repeat that word in Ladino (see translations). This song goes a little fast, but they can sing along with the birds and certainly the ‘la la la’s’!

Si era el sielo, seria muy blu
Si era una nuve, seria blanda
Si era una estreya, briyaria muncho
Si era la luna, briyaria mas
Si era yerva, seria vedre vedre
Si era una flor, tendria linda kolor
Si era una oja, bolaria en el ayre
Si era un arvol, seria fuerte
Si era el sol, seria amariyo
Si era el vyento, seria kalmo
Si era el ayre, goleria dulse
Si era un pasharo, diria “tuit tuit tuit”
Si era un arko, empesaria kolorado
Si era la luvya, baylaria en tus kaveyos
Si era una montanya, te kudyaria de arriva
Si era la mar, kon amor te alevantaria

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