The Mishkan Song by Eliana Light
The Mishkan Song by Eliana Light
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Note from the Songwriter:

One Shabbat morning in 2010, I was at a convention in Philadelphia, listening to the Torah being read. It was all about the mishkan, the tabernacle or “mini-Temple” that was the locus of ritual activity in the desert. The reader chanted about the specific kinds of cloth for the drapes, and the measurements of all the poles, and every little tiny detail. So much of the Torah is dedicated to the design, building, and use of the mishkan, that I wondered, “are there any songs about it?” After some humming to myself, there was. The mishkan is often seen as boring, but it’s really incredible. It represents how the community can come together to create a home for the Divine. Every person doing their part, giving what they were able, is what made this sacred community, and what can make ours flourish today.

Everybody, young and old
bring your silver, bring your gold,
bring whatever you can hold
it’s time to build the mishkan!

Bring your cloth and linen too
red and purple, gold and blue
do whatever you can do
to help us build the mishkan!


If the spirit moves you
give from your heart
it might not feel like much
but it’s the perfect place to start!
V’asu li mikdash v’shachanti b’tocham
God will come and dwell among us, everyone
V’asu li mikdash v’shachanti b’tocham (x3)
B’tocham…. Btocham

If you cannot spare a dime
give a minute of your time
(or an hour will be just fine)
to help us build the mishkan


When all of our work is done
we will celebrate as one
every daughter every son
Rejoicing in the mishkan!


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