Holocaust Visual History Lesson: Perseverance
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Holocaust Visual History Lesson: Perseverance

Lesson Summary:

From University of Southern California's Shoah Foundation:
This lesson is a part of Creating Character,  a series of eight multi-media classroom lessons, each of which explores the importance of positive character development. These lessons are geared towards teachers who teach 8th to 12th grade.  

In this lesson, students examine the character trait “perseverance” by discussing their own experiences of hard work, inspiration, and accomplishment, and then learning about similar experiences from Holocaust survivors. Visual history testimony provides examples of perseverance in the face of discriminatory laws against Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses, and presents examples of non-violent resistance. A “Web of Perseverance” activity gives students an opportunity to rethink their definition – and the importance – of perseverance.


  • Students will develop an understanding of the concept of perseverance. 
  • Students will identify examples of perseverance from their own lives. 
  • Students will explain the importance perseverance plays in their actions and in the actions of others.
  • Students will identify ways they can exemplify perseverance in their lives. 
  • Students will work with visual history testimony. 
  • Students will use visual history testimony to identify examples of perseverance in the lives of Holocaust survivors.

Be Inspired:The ideas included are offered as starting points as you and your students explore, discover and live the lessons. Be sure to elicit and encourage student and parent participation, consistently reinforcing the value being addressed. Allow lessons to authentically develop and change based on engagement and interests.

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