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Students will explore the value of diversity, individuality and gratitude while sharing the book A Bad Case of The Stripes through discussion, art, poetry and play.  More

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Children explore the importance of inclusion and respect through the A Birthday For Ben while learning sign language, discussion, and sensory play.  More

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In 1730, Molly is a ten-year-old orphan who is convicted of pick-pocketing in London and deported to America....... More

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G’milut chasadim, literally meaning “the giving of loving kindness,” is an essential social value in the everyday lives of Jews....... More

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GRADE LEVEL: 1-4 The true story of two young boys, from seemingly very different background, who rise above their own personal suffering to become great civil rights leaders....... More

B'tzelem Elohim means "in the image of God" and this wonderful song by Dan Nichols teaches so much about the spirit of kavod, or honor and respect, that each person deserves for being a person created in that image....... More

This lesson emphasizes the importance of respecting others and their opinions....... More

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based on the Birmingham Pledge words by Jim Rotch & Steve Dropkin music by Steve Dropkin Lyrics: This is my pledge for a lifetime, an oath for the future Brothers and sisters, starting today I will promise forever to care and to nurture To love one another--to build a new day… I believe that every person has a right to who they are Entitled to their dignity in this land or afar I believe the very thoughts and acts of hatred causes harm Now together we must take a stand and sing out arm in arm....... More

This guide for connection and discussion is provided through a collaborative relationship with www....... More

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