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Genesis23:1-25:18 Parshat Chayei Sara relates the story of Abraham’s purchase of the Cave of The Patriarchs (Ma’arat Hamachpela) in Hebron....... More

Leviticus: 16:1-18:30 If Nadav and Avihu, two of Aaron's sons, were killed for incorrectly approaching God, what chance do the rest of us have to do it right? Jana Jett Loeb delves into the need for a patient engagement with those we love — and how that's better than bringing fire of our own....... More

In this week's video, Rabbi Fohrman picks up on last years Tazria and Metzora videos, which connected the metzora purification process with the korban pesach....... More

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G’milut chasadim, literally meaning “the giving of loving kindness,” is an essential social value in the everyday lives of Jews....... More

This week, we ask an incredibly broad question: what is the purpose of the nation of Israel in this world? To answer this, Rabbi Fohrman points out a fascinating connection between the three blessings Balaam (accidentally) gives the nation of Israel and the three blessings God gives to Abraham in Genesis....... More

In this video, Rabbi Fohrman points out a textual oddity - why does the Torah use two different words for "to count," and what do they each indicate? Through a deep analysis of the terms, we will come out with a stronger understanding of what it means to be an individual, but still part of a larger community....... More

Same’ach b’chelko literally means “happy or content with one’s lot....... More

The idea of nedivut, or being generous, is found throughout our entire tradition, especially in regards to the bringing of gifts....... More

Ben Zoma said, “Who is wise? The one who learns from everyone! Who is mighty? The one who rules over themselves! Who is rich? The one who is happy with what they’ve got! Who is honored? The one who shows honor to others!” -Pirke Avot 4:1 Ben Zoma’s advice reinforces the idea that this world is NOT as it seems....... More

Proverbs 22:6 reminds us that each child learns differently, as we are to “educate each child according to their way....... More

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