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Note from the Songwriter: “Oh when the Jews! Go wash their hands!” This was the song shouted by every camper at Shabbat meals as we danced over to the sinks before ha-motzei....... More

This illustrated children's book serves as an introduction to the Modern Hebrew alphabet; but more than that, it is a joyous portrait of a very special family....... More

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Music/Hebrew & English lyrics: Noam Katz, www....... More

Build coordination, self regulation, learn Hebrew and have fun with this tune, a ‘spin’ on the many very popular “freeze dance” type of songs....... More


By MyJewishLearning....... More

In Parshat Beshalach (read on Shabbat Shira – the Shabbat of Song), Miriam, the sister of Moses, leads the women of Israel in song after crossing the Sea of Reeds....... More

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The story of a charming dinosaur, paired with science, cooking, and dancing activities will enhance students understanding of the importance of hard work and appreciating diversity.  More

Music and lyrics by Joe Black and Sue Black,www....... More

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Children who have sung and danced to "HavaNagila" will learn how it may have come to be transformed from a sad Yiddish melody to the musical embodiment of pioneering Zionism....... More

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"Dancin' Song" by "Miss" Emily Aronoff Teck Track #13 from Good Choices, Volume 1 Inspiration Text Serve the G-d with gladness; Come before G-d's presence with singing Ivdu Et haShem b’simcha Bou lifanav Birnana- Psalm 100 "Dancin' Song" Activity Dance! Lyrics: This is a dancing song, a dancing song, a dancing song! This is a dancing song- so come on, dance with me....... More

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