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Take your children on a colorful adventure to share the many ways Jewish people celebrate Shabbat around the world....... More

Wuditu, a young Ethiopian Jewish girl, and a group of fifteen family members set out on a dangerous journey on foot to reach a refugee camp in the Sudan with the hopes of being secretly airlifted to Israel. Based on a true story. More

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A coming-of age story about two girls, separated in time by thousands of years, who are forced to leave their homes....... More

Introduces children to the many different ways of celebrating Passover around the world, including customs that can be adopted for use in the child’s own family seder....... More

Categories:  Genesis-B’reishit , Midrash , Noach 
Tags:  Noach 

Fascinating in its detail about one ethnic/religious group in Africa, this story also tells about one of the many ways in which Jews have traditionally lived....... More

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Fifteen-year-old Desta belongs to a small, isolated mountain community of Ethiopian Jews....... More

Now a young man in Israel, Yosef remembers his past in Ethiopia, and the dream he had as a child, in which he was given a choice....... More

Five-year-old Yuvi narrates her tense exodus from Ethiopia to Israel in this story based on the real-life journey made by Yuvi Tashome, who was among thousands of Ethiopian Jews relocated, secretly at first, to Israel during the 1980s and '90s as part of Operations Moses and Solomon....... More

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