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Jennifer Duretz Peled 
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music and lyrics by Jennifer Duretz Peled ©2011 Chorus: Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Hey, Hey Hey Heveinu X2 Bring it on bring it on heveinu shalom Aleichem (x4) No matter the language, religion or race We can all agree that no one wants to face War crimes and hatred they must cease We’ve got to pray for shalom pray for peace Chorus Remember back to 1948 We danced and we sang ‘til it was so late Finally we had a land of our own A place to build our future a place to call home Chorus Bridge: What do we want? (shalom) When do we want it? (achshav) What do we want? (shalom) When do we want it? (achshav) *Shalom=Peace, Achshav=Now, Heiveinu Shalom Alechem=Peace to those who come....... More

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Lyrics: We have come from the four corners of the land To let our voices be heard Sing out loud and we'll sing out strong With our hope to heal the world CHORUS: Heal yourself so we can heal one another Know yourself so you can know what is right or wrong Use your mind so you can see past all the fallacy Tikkun Olam Each one of us has something to give Something unique and so strong So lend it out, lend it to everyone, It is a quality you know that belongs CHORUS We can look within ourselves and find positivity Feeding the minds of the children is where we want to be Put your desires after those of othersand then we'll sing Tikkun Olam, Tikkun Olam,Tikkun Olam, Tikkun Olam ....... More

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