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Shir Soul offers a contemporary setting to some of Purim's greatest hits: ....... More

Through this unconventional holiday mash-up, students will delve into the legacies of Dr....... More

Jewish A capella group Shir Soul provide a beautiful, fun contemporary Hanukkah song! Featured Hanukkah songs: Dreidel Mi Yimalel Ma'oz Tzur ....... More

Follow Lou as he appeals to the Rabbi for answers on how to solve his overcrowding problem! A contemporary mash-up of the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe with the traditional Jewish folktale about a family getting unexpected wisdom from the Rabbi, this high-energy adventure is chock-full of animals, kids, humor, whimsy and silliness....... More

This parody mash-up is rich with the symbols of Passover as well as the story, and is sure to delight any fans of Disney's Frozen....... More

This parody mash-up can delight viewers of all ages....... More

This a capella parody mash-up can enhance student's understand....... More

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