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Seder Plate 
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Categories:  Passover (Pesach) 
Tags:  Karen Daniel , Seder Plate 

Beautiful Seder Plate Words and music copyright by Karen Daniel, 1997,www....... More

Categories:  Passover (Pesach) , Exodus-Shmot , Bo 
Tags:  PJ Library 

It's Passover, and family and friends are coming over to celebrate....... More

Review the symbols of the Passover seder with this decoupage glass seder plate craft, adaptable for all ages! A project contributed by Rae Antonoff,www....... More

A mother, father, and three young children in a typical Jewish family celebrate their most important holidays in the attractively illustrated Festival Time books, which speak not only to Jewish children but to boys and girls of all faiths....... More

Violet and Simon, two small bunnies, are excited about Passover....... More

Categories:  Passover (Pesach) 
Tags:  PJ Library 

A preschool class demonstrates getting ready for Passover. Watch as they prepare matzah and charoset, the table and seder plate, and participate in the seder complete with the Four Questions and the afikomen. More

Mod Podge Seder Plate
Projects & Crafts

From our friends at JTeach....... More

Categories:  Passover (Pesach) 

It's time for Passover and Pearl and her brother, Avi, are helping to prepare the house for company....... More

A wonderful contribution from ChallahCrumbs: Materials: large paper for board colored pencils markers index cards game pieces Board Game template (download here) Directions: 1....... More

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