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The power of one 
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This lesson focuses on Chesed (kindness)and combines it with the topic of Lashon Hara (use kind words/avoid hurtful speech)....... More

This book unit, based on the story Hana’s Suitcase, allows students to explore the consequences of prejudice in terms of history and today’s world....... More

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“It Only Takes One” by ‘Miss’ Emily Aronoff Teck Track # 9 from Good Choices, Volume 1 Inspiration Text: This modern prayer may help the facilitator of the activity be inspired to address these ideas: Wake me up, G-d; ignite my passion, fill me with outrage....... More

School Lunch Policy Kids Can Make a Difference
Lesson Plans
–School Lunch Policy Kids Can Make a Difference

This resource is not designed for specifically Jewish audiences, so educators should adapt the materials as they deem fit for their community while addressing the Jewish values of Justice, Social Action, and to Be Inclusive....... More

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