A Note From The Rosenfeld Foundation
A Note From The Rosenfeld Foundation
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My dear aunt, Harriet Rosenfeld, was not a highly educated woman, for most women of her generation did not have access to the schooling that many of us take for granted. She made up for this lack with her native intelligence and her passion for worthy causes. Foremost amongst her interests was her fervor for the Jewish faith and the State of Israel.

I know that she would be delighted to see that her name, and the name of her beloved husband, Jack, will now be associated with a legacy project that both advances her most valued causes and provides enrichment for the education of young children. I am only sad that she did not live to see the fine work being done in her name.

Jay H. Kaufman, M.D., Newton, MA
Co-trustee, Rosenfeld Foundation

Harriet Rosenfeld