The Rosenfeld Foundation
The Rosenfeld Foundation
About Us

The Jack and Harriet Rosenfeld Foundation Program in Jewish Education at the University of Miami School of Education and Human Development was established in 2009 in order to to support and enhance education in the Jewish schools throughout South Florida. Since then, the Rosenfeld Foundation has grown exponentially, impacting teaching and learning in Jewish schools not only in South Florida, but throughout the United States.

Our Mission:

  • To provide educators in Jewish schools with learning opportunities to engage and inspire Jewish children in the remarkable legacy of Judaism, its contributions to all aspects of life, and its moral and ethical principles that have shaped the world. 

  • To instill in students an appreciation and love for the richness of Jewish thought, text, values, culture, and history 

  • To inspire students to live their lives with a commitment to humanity. 

Our Vision:

  • To provide educators with a major, sustainable platform that includes dynamic, engaging, thought-provoking resources that blend Jewish wisdom, ethics, and values with child centered pedagogy. 

  • To provide a myriad of opportunities to empower learners to become “agents of change.”