God Is Just A Word by Jay Rapoport
God Is Just A Word by Jay Rapoport
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Music and Lyrics by Jay Rapoport, www.JayRapoport.com

A more clear, but less catchy, way to explain the concept of this song is that the word "God" can mean different things to different people, but there is still a connection made between those who use the word. Many people I have known start discussions about theology by saying, "First of all, I don't believe in God." My response, with this song, is, "What does the word God mean to you? Because to different people it can mean different things. So what exactly is it you don't believe in? And is there something you do believe in?"

What experiences defy explanation for you?
When do you feel moved beyond words?
What does the word "God" mean to you?


“God” is just a word
For the things we can't explain
Like the feeling that you get
Seeing a rainbow after the rain
“God” is just a word
For all that we believe
It's bigger than just one idea
Bigger than you or me

“God” is just a word
For the idea we have
That doing good will lead to good
And keep someone from feeling bad
“God” is just a word
For not being alone
For knowing there's a reason
For hoping there is hope

Don’t be afraid to believe
Don’t be afraid to be wrong
In a roomful of people you’re never alone
Just let yourself go, you already know that
“God” is just a word

“God” is just a word
For the presence in our midst
For wanderers in the desert
A reason to exist
“God” is just a word
For what we cannot see
A little bit of common ground
Between you and me


“God” is just a word
For someone to ask
When we don't know where to turn
And we just need something to grasp
“God” is just a word
For someone to thank
When something that we dreamed comes true
And takes our breath away

“God” is just a word
For the moment of quiet
When you focus on your thoughts
And who you are deep inside
“God” is just a word
For when we are together
And we add to more than just our sum
And it continues on forever

credits from They Tried To Get Us, We Won, Let's Rock!, released 02 December 2014
Written & composed by Jay Rapoport, copyright 2014 Maxfun Music (ASCAP), all rights reserved www.ruachrock.com