Shelach: Israel Map Mosaic
Shelach: Israel Map Mosaic
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In Parshat Shelach, twelve spies go to investigate the Land of Israel (Canaan). Some of the riches of the Land are described in this week’s Parsha, including the famous expression that it is a “land flowing with milk and honey.” In this craft, kids will learn to recognize the basic map of Israel and will enjoy decorating the map using dried food products.

Supplies needed:
Dried beans, lentils, pasta, popcorn, rice
Paint brush
Map of Israel

1. Draw an outline of the map of Israel on a piece of cardboard.
2. Mix 2/3 glue with 1/3 water.
3. Paint glue on one area at a time. For example, paint glue on the desert section of the map.
4. Pour brown rice on the area with the glue on it to represent sand.
5. Next, paint glue on the areas of water.
6. Pour pasta that has been dyed or painted blue[1] on those areas to represent water.
7. Complete each section of the map using different items.
8. Once the map is complete, you can apply a layer of matte or glossy finish.
The above craft is definitely NOT edible. But, this parsha does lend itself to some great snacks. Serve pomegranates, grapes, and figs at your Shabbat table since these are the fruits that the spies brought back from the Land. And, of course, serve honey spread or honey cake with milk!
1. [1] To dye pasta, place pasta in a large plastic bag that seals and add several drops of food coloring and a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Shake it up well and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Lay the pasta out on wax paper on a baking sheet to dry overnight.

This craft can be found on, a wonderful resources for Jewish projects and crafts. The craft is by Emily Shapiro Katz, an experienced and creative community Jewish educator. She lives in Beer Sheva in Kehilat Beerot and works for Go South with Nefesh B'Nefesh. Go Emily blogs about her Parsha Projects at