Bikur Cholim Band-Aid Cards
Bikur Cholim Band-Aid Cards
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Contributed by Julie Unger Zorn,, Judaic Culture Specialist at the Tucson JCC,

The act of bikur cholim, visiting the sick, is a mitzvah. In its basic principal, visiting a sick person helps keep them connected to their community, lifts their spirits and creates an environment where we act in the image of G-d. (B'etzelim elohim)

Young children can participate in this basic Jewish value even when in a classroom setting. Try making these adorable Bikur cholim band-aid greeting cards with them.

Materials Needed
--Googly eyes
--1 sheets of construction paper
--Glue sticks (or glue set up in cups with craft sticks)

When creating these cards with children, I give them very little instruction. I explain how Band-Aids can help heal a person's "owie" and that greeting cards with kind wishes can help heal a person's neshama or soul. I encourage the children and tell them that we can combine the two ideas and create cheerful Band-Aid people.

Here are the results: 

Note from the contributor: At the Tucson Jewish Community Center, we allowed each child to make two cards. One card was for them to keep and give to a sick person they know, and the other card was donated to Tucson Medical Center's Children's Hospital.