Shaboom! The Best Medicine
Shaboom! The Best Medicine
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Grandpa has a broken toe and is stuck in bed! The Plonys feel bad but are too busy with their elaborate weekend plans and Shabbat picnic to do anything about making him feel less lonely. ”SHABOOM!” The Sparks rain chicken soup down, and then send over a flock of quacking ducky pals to cheer everyone up. But what really makes Grandpa feel better is when the Plonys learn a lesson about visiting the sick, or bikur cholim.

Shaboom! is a Kids’ & Family online children’s show! Through magic, comedy, and silly songs, Shaboom! teaches everyday Jewish values in a 10 part series covering topics such as Welcoming Guests, and Taking Care of Nature. Shaboom! is meant for children ages 4-7 and is centered on the “magical sparks” Gabi & Rafael, and incorporates magic, comedy and songs that help kids and families connect with each other and learn everyday strategies that help fix the world. Critically, each episode includes an accompanying parents’ episode that delves more deeply into each value and helps to explain “what’s Jewish” about it. Dozens of early childhood educational experts from around the globe contributed their time to help identify each of the values addressed in the episodes. The kids episodes are on average 8 minutes in length. The accompanying parents episodes are just under 2 minutes in length.