Tzedakah: Meal Math
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Tzedakah: Meal Math

Lesson Summary:

This lesson comes from a unit called "Tzedakah: How Can We Help?" on, a resource that offers philanthropy education resources that teach giving and civic engagement.

This unit s overview:
"Using traditional Jewish texts as a basis, students will learn about the concept of Tzedakah (charity).Through three different lessons, the students will receive a solid foundation and understanding that there is more to this mitzvah than putting coins into a box.The students (while quite young) will have the opportunity to better understand where the money that is collected goes by making that decision as a class. Students will also take the lessons they learned from the classroom and spread them throughout the school. There will be a link between classroom lessons, actions, and experiences to emphasize the importance of the mitzvah of Tzedakah."

The other lessons in this unit include:
Share Your Bread
The Bare Necessities

The purpose of this lesson stated on the site is:
"This lesson will raise awareness of what constitutes a nutritious meal as well as the price of a healthy meal. Students will learn that some people lack the funds to pay for nutritious meals. It will also motivate the students to raise money to pay for meals"


"The learner will:

  • estimate and research the cost of a nutritious meal.
  • demonstrate a sense of what constitutes a nutritious meal.
  • add the price of four food items.
  • present his/her menu orally to the class.
  • communicate (orally or in writing) the importance of giving tzedakah.
  • help raise money to pay for a meal.
(taken from

Be Inspired:The ideas included are offered as starting points as you and your students explore, discover and live the lessons. Be sure to elicit and encourage student and parent participation, consistently reinforcing the value being addressed. Allow lessons to authentically develop and change based on engagement and interests.

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Songs about Tzedakah:


literature connectionsmore

TitleAuthorIllustratorBook Summary
Bim and Bom: A Shabbat Tale* Daniel J. SwartzMelissa IwaiBim, a builder, and her brother Bom, a baker, work hard all week, and then spend every Friday doing good deeds, mitzvot. At sundown, they joyfully meet to celebrate Shabbat together.
Good Enough to Eat: A Kid’s Guide to Food and Nutrition Lizzy RockwellLizzy RockwellThis book presents an introductory education on nutrition, written specifically for kids. It introduces six categories of nutrients as well as five recipes.
It's A...It's A...It's A Mitzvah! Elizabeth Sunaby and Diane HeimanLaurel MolkJoin Mitzvah Meerkat and friends as they introduce children to the everyday kindnesses that mark the beginning of a Jewish journey and a lifetime commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world). Through lively illustrations and playful dialogue, children engage with Jewish wisdom as they share in welcoming new friends, forgiving mistakes, respecting elders, sharing food with the hungry, and much, much more.
The Brother's Promise Frances HarberThor WickstromA retelling of the old Talmudic story about brothers caring for each other. Yankel and Josef, brothers and equal heirs to Chayim's prosperous farm, encounter their first harsh season in which the farm doesn't produce any food. Remembering their father's final words to help one another, the brothers secretly bring food to each other.
* PJ library Books
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