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In this week's video, Rabbi Fohrman picks up on last years Tazria and Metzora videos, which connected the metzora purification process with the korban pesach....... More

This week, we ask an incredibly broad question: what is the purpose of the nation of Israel in this world? To answer this, Rabbi Fohrman points out a fascinating connection between the three blessings Balaam (accidentally) gives the nation of Israel and the three blessings God gives to Abraham in Genesis....... More

In this video, Rabbi Fohrman points out a textual oddity - why does the Torah use two different words for "to count," and what do they each indicate? Through a deep analysis of the terms, we will come out with a stronger understanding of what it means to be an individual, but still part of a larger community....... More

In this week's parsha, we reach the tipping point, where the nation of Israel begins their downfall, leading to 40 years wandering in the desert before being allowed into the land of Israel....... More

In the second of this week's parshas, the Torah suggests to us that if we follow God's will, we will be rewarded with walking with God - with the same language as the Garden of Eden....... More

In this video, Rabbi Fohrman introduces us to a very strange midrash, which tells us that as the nation of Israel walked through to freedom, there were fruit trees surrounding them, and explains that a parallel story, early in Genesis, is a clue to understanding this midrash....... More

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After God tells Moses about the last plague, He makes a series of odd statements before actually performing the plague....... More

In our journey to understand the epic legacy of Abraham and Isaac, the stories of their actions and attributes are abruptly cut short by the urgent quest to find Isaac a worthy wife - welcome to the team, Rebecca....... More

In this week's Torah portion is the famous story of Moses hitting the rock to get water and God subsequently barring him from leading the nation to the land of Israel....... More

This week's parsha begins Moses' speech to the people of Israel before they begin their entrance to the land of Israel....... More

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