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Golda Meir 
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The life of Golda Meir and the history of modern Israel are inseparably woven into this readable biography. More

Golda Meir: A Strong, Determined Leader
–Golda Meir: A Strong, Determined Leader

Discover the great Women of Our Time in these reissues of short middle grade biographies on the lives of twentieth-century women written by a variety of acclaimed authors! When she was a schoolgirl, Golda Meir stood on a box on a street corner and made speeches about the need for a Jewish homeland....... More

This lesson, based on the book Golda Takes a Stand: Golda Meir's First Crusade explores the concepts and values of determination, leadership, fairness, and equality....... More

GRADE LEVEL: 4+ Stories of more than 20 Jewish-American heroes who have made a difference in our world are included....... More

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