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Women in Judaism 
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A lively collection of stories that gives voices and names to women from biblical and ancient times whom we seldom remember....... More

Based in the Book of Judges: 4-5 Deborah, one of the most talked about women in the Bible, tells Barak they should take on the Canaanite army....... More

An activity from Facing History and Ourselves: "Former Jewish partisans reflect on women's participation in organized resistance groups during the Holocaust....... More

When Zipporah ("Zippy") Porath arrived in Jerusalem in October 1947, she expected to spend a year studying at Hebrew University and enjoying the adventures of life in the land of Israel....... More

Golda Meir: A Strong, Determined Leader
–Golda Meir: A Strong, Determined Leader

Discover the great Women of Our Time in these reissues of short middle grade biographies on the lives of twentieth-century women written by a variety of acclaimed authors! When she was a schoolgirl, Golda Meir stood on a box on a street corner and made speeches about the need for a Jewish homeland....... More

This lesson, based on the book Golda Takes a Stand: Golda Meir's First Crusade explores the concepts and values of determination, leadership, fairness, and equality....... More

Hannah Szenes was in her early twenties when she left the relative safety of her new home in what is now Israel to parachute into Yugoslavia to help free Jews there and in her native Hungary....... More

A Jewish immigrant activist and a lifelong advocate for the rights of workers and of women, Rose Schneiderman shaped the American labor movement....... More

Today, the Bat Mitzvah may seem like a routine aspect of a young girl s Jewish life, but less than 100 years ago, no public ceremony existed to mark a girl s coming of age....... More

Gulienne Rollins-Rishon--mother, wife, and writer--looks at the demands of our lives as women and the expectations of our tradition....... More

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