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Jewish Women's Archive 
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The experience of immigration, starting life in a new country, brings many challenges....... More

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Explore Jewish tradition and ritual garb with a picture of Tefillin Barbie, created by soferet (female ritual scribe) Jen Taylor Friedman....... More

Bread and Roses
Lesson Plans

This lesson makes a great kick-off to a community service or social action project....... More

Bat mitzvah may seem like a routine aspect of a young girl s Jewish life, but the tradition is less than 100 years old (unlike bar mitzvah, which has been around for centuries)....... More

In this session, participants will consider when and where we feel most connected to Judaism, asking: With which environments, traditions, and texts do we connect? Are there environments, traditions, or texts that we feel less comfortable with? We will look at Helène Aylon’s artwork and discuss what it reflects about her feelings of connection with or estrangement from Judaism....... More

When Zipporah ("Zippy") Porath arrived in Jerusalem in October 1947, she expected to spend a year studying at Hebrew University and enjoying the adventures of life in the land of Israel....... More

It used to be that only men could say Kaddish for their family members, and because women were not counted in a minyan (the ten people who need to come together to say public prayers like the Kaddish), they also were not allowed to say the Kaddish for their loved ones....... More

On Passover, we are reminded that it is our obligation to tell the story of our enslavement and the Exodus from Egypt as if we were there....... More

The Kabbalah (Jewish mystical school of thought) teaches that God created the world with vessels of divine light....... More

What can a recipe teach us about Jewish history and culture? In this Go & Learn guide from the Jewish Women's Archive, we explore how Jewish food culture has evolved as Jews have migrated from place to place....... More

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