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Lisa Baydush 
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Categories:  Hebrew Language 

Lyrics: Boker tov, good morning, It’s a bright and sunny day! When we wake up each morning, Boker tov is what we say....... More

Categories:  Sukkot 
Tags:  Lisa Baydush 

Tip from Lisa: Pass a basket or bag of laminated fruit/vegetables so each child can select one....... More

Lyrics origin unknown (email emily@jewishlearningmatters....... More

Glove Puppets
Projects & Crafts

Idea contributed by Lisa Baydush, www....... More

Going to the Promised Land Lyrics by Lisa Baydush, Music by Lisa Baydush and Lisa Ashery © 11/13/14 Teaching tip from the songwriter: Remind students about Passover story; ask them where the Israelites were going? Do they know another name for the Promised Land? Continue the narrative and act out being the Israelites walking to the Promised Land…....... More

Hands-On Megillah
Projects & Crafts
grades:  -

Create a Megillah scroll with your students, engaging them in writing, illustrating and crafting the scroll to share with the community....... More

Lyrics: Chorus: Shalom Shabbat, Shalo-o-om Shabbat Shalom Shabbat, Shalo-o-om Shabbat Havdalah is when we say goodbye to Shabbat, Havdalah is when we say goodbye to Shabbat....... More

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