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Mama Doni 
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Chanukah songs and stories to help you celebrate- share with your students, stream during a Hanukkah party, or send the link to the families in your community- with 36 good options, every one can find a clip that they enjoy! ....... More

"Challah Day" By Mama Doni (Doni Zasloff), & Eric Lindberg, www....... More

This tune will introduce Hebrew vocabulary words through movement, and the teaching of the meaning is embedded in the song- no previous understand of Hebrew is required to fully participate in the tune....... More

An updated version of a classic Passover song, show or sing-a-long to this tune as you explore the story of Passover.


A silly adventure with Mama Doni and some of her friends celebrates Passover and its' special foods.


By Mama Doni (Doni Zasloff) & Eric Lindberg, www....... More

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