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Chanukah songs and stories to help you celebrate- share with your students, stream during a Hanukkah party, or send the link to the families in your community- with 36 good options, every one can find a clip that they enjoy! ....... More

Six13's a capella parody is a fun way to explore the symbols and traditions of Shabbat and Havdalah with learners of all ages.

This parody mash-up can delight viewers of all ages....... More

The gentleman of Six13 present their 2013 celebration of the High Holidays.

The gentleman of Six13 present their 2017 celebration for Pesach.

A collection of entertaining, educational, helpful and silly songs and clips that represent the best the internet has to offer for Jewish entertainment during Chanukah 2014....... More

Six13's presents their 2015 Passover parody, based on "Uptown Funk....... More

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