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An activity from Facing History and Ourselves: "What does it mean to be a third-generation descendant of Holocaust survivors? By viewing the short film “B-2247” and answering the following connections questions, students will consider this and other questions regarding obligation, memory, and family that are raised by this story of a granddaughter’s relationship with her family’s past....... More

The value of l’dor v’dor – from generation to generation – links our history with that of the past and the future....... More

It used to be that only men could say Kaddish for their family members, and because women were not counted in a minyan (the ten people who need to come together to say public prayers like the Kaddish), they also were not allowed to say the Kaddish for their loved ones....... More

Of all the places in the world, Uri really loves to be at his grandparents’ house....... More

A digital variation of the classic "Memory Game" with options to practice learning and reviewing vocabulary areas including animals, fruit, musical instruments, kitchen, transportation, vegetables, human body, clothing, colors, food, games, house, nature, tools and animals....... More

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With more than 9 million books in print, America's favorite dinosaurs can't wait to celebrate Chanukah! From the warm glow of holiday candles in the menorah to the fun of family gatherings, little dinosaurs love to celebrate the Festival of Lights....... More

In Judaism, like in many traditions and customs, names tell us a little bit about who we are as individuals....... More

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