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Categories:  Shabbat , Foods 
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It’s Friday morning and, as usual, Bubbe Judy has brought home a giant jar of gefilte fish—her grandson Jack’s favorite dish—for the family’s Shabbos meal....... More

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For The Educator, a note from the songwriter: Or Chadash comes from the morning prayers, right before Ahava Rabah....... More

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Music and Lyrics by Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman, www....... More

Named a "Best Spiritual Book of 2003" by Spirituality & Health magazine! A lesson in hope and faith―and learning that there are some things in life beyond our control―for every child who has worried about what comes next....... More

On a dark December morning, Moses and Benjamin begin their escape from Russia to Palestine....... More

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All the world is here....... More

Take your children on a colorful adventure to share the many ways Jewish people celebrate Shabbat around the world....... More

Benny loves to help out at his grandpa's bakery in the morning, and the customers love the crusty bagels with their soft insides....... More

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English words & music: Noam Katz, www....... More

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