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Named a "Best Spiritual Book of 2003" by Spirituality & Health magazine! A lesson in hope and faith―and learning that there are some things in life beyond our control―for every child who has worried about what comes next....... More

Bim, a builder, and her brother Bom, a baker, work hard all week, and then spend every Friday doing good deeds, mitzvot. At sundown, they joyfully meet to celebrate Shabbat together. More

Bold splashes of color illustrate this interpretation of a Bible story that emphasizes the destructive power of anger. Running through the narrative is the midrashic tradition of nature's mourning for Abel. More

In the beginning there was nothing, only darkness....... More

On the 1st day, yea the very 1st day God said "Let There Be Light” Thank you God, Thank you God, thank you for the Light! On the 2nd day, yea the 2nd day God made the sky Thank you God, Thank you God, thank you for the Sky....... More

This video animates the days of creation....... More

A grandfather lovingly teaches his grandchild a lesson about the centuries-old concept of tikkun olam. Gently told and gorgeously illustrated, this intergenerational picture book offers a soothing and universal message for our troubled times. More

Discovering the beauty of nature through a young boy’s eyes, and more importantly, what we can do to heal nature’s wounds is the strong, beautifully told and illustrated message of this book....... More

This lesson comes from a unit called "Nature and You" onwww....... More

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