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From the ADL- Anti Defamation League: This lesson increases student awareness about the physical and symbolic barriers that create divides between immigrants and native born residents of the U....... More

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Students will explore the value of diversity, individuality and gratitude while sharing the book A Bad Case of The Stripes through discussion, art, poetry and play.  More

Categories:  Holocaust 
Tags:  Poetry , Language Arts 
grades:  High School (9-12) 

From Yad Vashem: Dan Pagis, a Holocaust survivor, was one of modern Israel’s most vibrant poetic voices....... More

Hannah Szenes was in her early twenties when she left the relative safety of her new home in what is now Israel to parachute into Yugoslavia to help free Jews there and in her native Hungary....... More

Categories:  Chanukkah 
Tags:  PJ Library 

Here's a cultural crossover that pays off: a traditionally Japanese poetic form used to celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah....... More

This book is a compilation of poetry and art created by the children of the Terezin ( Theresienstdt) Concentration Camp between 1942 and 1944....... More

Children of the Holocaust, The World of the Persecuted, Jewish Life in Europe Before the Holocaust The poem, “We Were Children Just Like You” by Yaffa Eliach,” is a poignant reminder that the children of the Holocaust were like children everywhere....... More


Revered as G-d’s chosen leader, Moses weathered countless tests of faith as he guided his people out of slavery....... More

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