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Sesame Street 
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While the importance of kindness, peace and kind words are being taught in children's communities, consider the importance of teaching children (and adults) how to live these values not only when they want to, and are feeling good and happy, but also when it is hard, in times if disappointment or anger....... More

To explore Tikkun Olam, Community, Friendship and more, this video can complement a wide variety of Jewish topics and ideas....... More

"Don't Give Up" is a song that can help young children understand the importance of perseverance-haatmadahand courage- ometz lev....... More

Sesame Street and its' characters give a clear explanation and several examples of respect and why it is important.


Categories:  Passover (Pesach) , Exodus-Shmot , Bo 
Tags:  PJ Library 

Kippi the Porcupine, visiting from Israel, makes a Passover seder for all of his friends on Sesame Street  More

Janelle Monae and the cast of Sesame Street teach an important lesson about the Power of Yet- a wonderful supplement to any learning activity that encourages perseverance, hope and hard work! ....... More

Categories:  Be Generous 
Tags:  Parody 

This song, a parody of pop tune "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen, features Sesame Street's Cookie Monster singing about the virtues of sharing....... More

A collection of entertaining, educational, helpful and silly songs and clips that represent the best the internet has to offer for Jewish entertainment during Chanukah 2014....... More

Music video for "What I Am," originally performed by will....... More

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